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Need A Little Something More To Make Your Android Video Pop?

So many tools! But where does one begin? With so many options it’s nice to have some back-up from a source that knows. Even better is having someone else run interference allowing you the option of picking from the top contenders. We found this informative article on Android video editors for your edit-fication… (sorry that was bad) from Derek Walter @ GreenBot. This way it’s like getting help from the guy in class who always gets “A’s” but never studies

Pick The Best Android Editor For You…See Below

The right app for you will vary on your needs, but you can’t go wrong with these options.

WeVideo is best for quick edits and easy sharing

If you’re looking for something that will allow you to make simple, quick edits and then easily share a video to social networks, then WeVideo is a great choice. In just a few minutes I was able to make some trims and edits to the following recording:

If you’re backing up your photos and video to Google through its Photos app or Drive, then be sure to connect your account to WeVideo. This way you can import any past clips to make your movie.

WeVideo also has a pretty good desktop interface if you want to do more detailed edits on the web. It’s free for 1GB of storage, but you’re limited to exporting 5 minutes of video per month. For $4 per month you get 30GB of four hours of export time, though if you’re interested in 1080p video you’ll want the pro package for $15 monthly. If you just want a one-time 1080p video you can pay $1.99.

WeVideo also shoots video with a clean interface that gets out of the way. But usually it’s easiest to fire up your default camera when the moment strikes.

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KineMaster is tops for video pros

If you want something more robust than what WeVideo offers, then you’ll want to grab KineMaster. It has a ton of features that will appeal to those who have used more advanced video editing software on the desktop and want some of that flexibility and freedom on a mobile device.

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For example, you can fade in or out the audio, choose from a large library of themes, and make adjustments to a lot of different video settings. They’re neatly divided into different icons, though as someone who doesn’t do a lot of video editing I had to learn what they were referring to.

Yet without much effort I was able to choose from a variety of themes, fade in and out audio, and add a snazzy title to a short video.

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