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Adobe releases its first video editor for Android

Adobe’s Offering For The Android Platform

This is Adobe’s first offering to the android platform. This mobile application is free and has many features that make it a capable mobile video editor platform. This app is free, but  if you want to export your work from your mobile device to your desktop seamlessly for continued editing, you’ll need the subscription to Adobe Premier. Likely this is a marketing ploy to get you to buy into the desktop version. It’s not clear to me whether this version can function as a complete standalone video editor for demanding users. Much will depend on how rigorous and demanding each individual user is. At the very least, it could be a home run for millions of mobile android users who have casual needs when it comes to video editing.

Read More about Adobe’s Mobile Premiere Clip App For Android below…

Adobe For Android Mobile
Adobe For Android Mobile

Adobe has been starting to pay more attention to Android, and that continues today with the launch of Premiere Clip, the first video editor it’s brought to Google’s platform. Premiere Clip on Android is pretty much identical to Premiere Clip on iOS, which launched around this time last year: it’s an easy-to-use but surprisingly capable video editor that lets you assemble clips, adjust their look, and put music over them. For those who don’t want to do much editing themselves, the app can also automatically put together videos, matching your clips up to one of its built-in background tracks.

Like on iOS, some of Clip’s most impressive features come from its integration with other Adobe apps. It can pull in visual looks you’ve created using Adobe Capture, letting you easily apply custom color grading to clips. Projects created in Clip can also be synced back to Premiere on the desktop, letting you pick up with more advanced tools exactly where you left off on mobile.

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