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Any Surprises For Android Developers?

What’s New In Android Studio 1.5?

Well it appears to be mostly about bug fixes. Plus there’s a lot of humor that only a shop talk nerdy kind of guy could love. What you have to remember though, is no matter what, don’t look in the box. I wonder what’s in the box? Can someone please tell me what’s in the box?

I Wonder What’s in the Box? Studio version 1.5 rolled out recently and Reto Meier told developers what they should expect from the release. A number of bug fixes, new features and memory improvements stacked up to make Android coding better than before.(Photo : Android Developers | YouTube)

Android Studio v1.5 was recently released to the stable channel and it brings, well…exactly what developers learned to expect from it. The tool delivered nothing out of the ordinary: traditional performance enhancing processes, bug fixes and various miscellaneous tuning.

Software engineers get a lot of help from these features, without a doubt. Yet in the grander scheme, there are bigger things that committed Android developers put on their wish list.

In the video below, Reto Meier not only explains the current improvements to the Android Studio 1.5 but also teases the audience with a mysterious crate. What’s in the box? It could be a theme editor that actually works flawlessly, a fresh language support or…the real additions to Android Studio 1.5.

If you write code for Android devices, one new aspect that might interest you is in the Memory Profiler. During testing, it allows you to detect which are the leaked activities. Errors from fast or careless coding are easy to spot with it. For developers who want to find out more about the benefits of fixing memory leaks, the LeakCanary library from Square is a very powerful resource. How powerful, exactly? Just trust that Google itself uses it on some of its apps and you should do, too.

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