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Dan Acker


The Live Streaming Revolution Is Here…Are You Ready?

Live Streaming Easier than Ever|Mobile is Pervasive as Connectivity Advances We have been here before. This reminds me of when Napster came into being. Live streaming has allowed everyday individuals the ability to broadcast content in real time regardless of where they find it. For many of the large broadcast giants- just like the big […]

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Worlds Smartest Video Camera?

Why Don’t We Just Call It the Handiest Video Camera? Okay let’s say for instance you simply have no time whatsoever to spend one single moment editing video, but you’d still like to put out something that looks good?  And say you also want a result that looks like someone put some production time into it? Also […]

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E-learning Days|Bye Bye Snow Days?

E-learning Days Are a Growing National Trend|No More Playing In The Snow? Anyone who lives or grew up in the snow belt of the United States knows the thrilling feeling of waking up on a winter morning on a school day and seeing a blanket of snow quietly muffling your entire neighborhood. Quickly you rush […]

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Build DIY Non-linear Editing System

Non-linear Editing|Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Get Down To Business! Sometimes you just have to bring in the big guns! Imagine not having to squint at that tiny little screen on your smart phone. Imagine having quick responsive crisp workflows on a machine that won’t choke on the software you want to run the most. I know […]

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Blend Video Clips While On Your iPhone

Blend Video Clips And More Vidblend – Video Blend Editor. Vidblend gives you a pretty good bang for your buck at $1.99 on the iPhone App Store. The App allows you to put out some video with pretty sophisticated features not the least of which is its self titled ability to blend video together. This seems […]

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Yeti Whiteout Microphone and PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset

This Yeti Whiteout Microphone Is Cool! I think I want one! This thing is awesome. The fact that you don’t need any outboard drivers is pretty cool. This seems to be an all-in-one solution to get your voice streamed out to the world or to record your voice over sales videos and screenshot/screen cast recordings. I […]

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Adobe releases its first video editor for Android

Adobe’s Offering For The Android Platform This is Adobe’s first offering to the android platform. This mobile application is free and has many features that make it a capable mobile video editor platform. This app is free, but  if you want to export your work from your mobile device to your desktop seamlessly for continued […]

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Doing Voice Over Work?

Congratulations! – You’re Doing Voice Over Work|You’re Now An Online Marketer! Have you ever heard the axiom for businesses that don’t advertise that they are like someone who winks at you in a dark room. I’m sure that quote is credited to someone, and I should know who, but I don’t, –  regardless you get the […]

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DIY And Video|Perfect Together

DIY And Video|Perfect Together

DIY So Easy A Five Year Old Can Do It! Kitty Cats, Sexy Woman, and Adorable kids – who can resist? Here’s a case in point. As I mentioned in my post yesterday. We are living in a DIY world where the gate keepers of technology are gone. If you are a twenty something this […]

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E-Learning|Embrace The Future

With A Smart Phone E-Learning Can Bridge Your Know-How To The World! Have you stopped to realize what a powerful tool you have in the palm of your hand? Your smart phone is a portal to the rest of the planet and can be simply and quickly used to share your message to the entire world. […]

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