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Can we ever expect ourselves to put our phones down? I even tried going water proof on the cheap by putting my phone in a zip lock so I could keep working on an app in the shower! Nah…just kidding…it did cross my mind tho! But seriously if you’re like me and like to have the latest and greatest before you’re compettive friends beat you to it; you may want to consider going Chrome Beta.

Get The Skinny On Chrome Beta Below October, Google released Chrome 46 for Android. The most notable additions were flexible animations and delayed autoplay on videos. Read on to find out more details on what Google has been dishing up in the latest Chrome for Android updates.

Following closely in the beta version’s footsteps, the latest stable release of Chrome brings the opportunity for developers to animate graphical objects along an arbitrary path. Elsewhere, the release features optimized image loading and service worker instrumentation. For more information on these, scroll down to the Beta section below.

Prior to Chrome 45 for Android, app developers were faced with a conundrum when it came to implementing web links into their apps. They could either have links open in Chrome, which was simple to implement but clumsy, slow and resource-intensive to use, or they could build their own browser over WebView. The downside of the latter was that it required greater technical knowhow as well as the use of a browser that lacked the familiarity of Chrome, including users’ bookmarks, cookies and browser history.

Custom tabs in Chrome is a nifty solution to this problem. It preloads webpages in the background and then switches to them in a customizable window that can be made to match the appearance of the app from which the link was clicked. This makes it easier for app makers to implement links in their apps, and creates a fast and familiar way for users to view webpages.

Google is also throwing in a number of bug fixes and ‘speedy performance improvements’, which are always welcome.

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