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Selfies As Old As Glass Plate Photography?

Where’s The Oldest Selfie? Somewhere someplace there had to be a first. Where do you suppose the oldest selfie is? There has to be someone who did it the first time. This is one from 1935 is not the first . There must be one that happened much earlier but maybe not? I wonder if the […]

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Dad Films Dream Vegas Vacation On Son’s GoPro, But In Selfie Mode

This Unplanned Comedic Outcome Is A Gift For You-You’re Welcome Awe geeze… does anyone know what a selfie is? Isn’t it a shame when the old folks get in a pickle when it comes to technology? Unless of course it happens to be funny! In which case I say,”Throw’em under the bus!” I can say […]

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Speed Up Int’l Travel With A Selfie?

Selfie Express Lane Only…Who Knew? Is this a good Idea or what? Now you can do something truly practical with a selfie. I’m not sayin’ using a lens filter on yourself to look like a zombie or filtering your face to look like a supermodel don’t have real world benefit; no I am sayin’ that…ya know…I’m […]

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Selfies On A Whole New Level!

I Know!…Why Didn’t I Think Of This? At first I thought…Really enough already! But then when I saw all the functionally of this mirror I began to rethink my initial cynical reaction. I’m not sure if I buy into the control hub concept because you’ll need to be wherever the mirror is staged. That means if […]

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