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Yeti Whiteout Microphone and PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset

This Yeti Whiteout Microphone Is Cool! I think I want one! This thing is awesome. The fact that you don’t need any outboard drivers is pretty cool. This seems to be an all-in-one solution to get your voice streamed out to the world or to record your voice over sales videos and screenshot/screen cast recordings. I […]

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How to get good audio while shooting video on your iPhone

Exactly! That’s What We Keep Saying! Great Video|Shabby Audio! This is the whole reason ReadyMic exists! We are doing our best hurry-up & re-launch our app. But what do you do until were ready to reload? Your options are pretty simple: Get Closer. Use Another Device Buy a Microphone. Once you’ve bought an outboard device to record […]

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