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Changes Coming For Snapchat

Snapchat Is Facing Challenges Monitizing Service

Recently unveiled options to get lenses for your selfies are one way. Snapchat hopes to generate some revenue for it’s popular soci-text service. Questions remain as to the reaction users may have to an advertising model but for now Snapchat has 7 lenses in a rolling format whereas when one is removed and a new one is added. There are 30 available on demand for .99 cents apiece if ya just gotta have it. There appear to be discussion regarding an advertising model but speculation remains concerning the reaction of younger users accustom to the freemium model.

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Snapchat recently launched selfie lenses after acquiring Looksery. Every day, a new lens is added and an old one is removed from the current lineup of seven. The company now also showcases around 30 other lenses that you can buy for 99 cents and keep forever.

As a reminder, here’s how you activate selfie lenses. When you’re using the front-facing camera, long press on your face to turn on selfie lenses. Then, you can press on a lens at the bottom to preview it, and then shoot a snap. Lenses range from rainbow vomit to scary monster faces.

Free lenses aren’t going away, and you’ll get a new one every day. But if seven lenses is not enough, you can scroll past the first seven and see a whole bunch more. Previewing them is free, but using them in a snap will cost you 99 cents. Every day, there will be 30 paid lenses. It’s unclear how often Snapchat will add new lenses to the store.


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