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DIY And Video|Perfect Together

DIY And Video|Perfect Together

DIY So Easy A Five Year Old Can Do It!

Kitty Cats, Sexy Woman, and Adorable kids – who can resist? Here’s a case in point. As I mentioned in my post yesterday. We are living in a DIY world where the gate keepers of technology are gone. If you are a twenty something this concept could well be lost on you, but if you’re forty or older you understand that technology used to be in the hands of a select few. If you want to say something to the world at large there is simply nothing other than having a smart phone in your hand that can keep you from doing so.

Watch A Five Year Old Fix A Car Below.

Five Year Old DIY Expert
Five Year Old DIY Expert

From the video description on YouTube: Who needs educational toys when you can work on the real thing? Phoenix, the kindergarten mechanic, replaces a faulty front wheel bearing on Dad’s 2001 Toyota Corolla. The above video is the full instructional¬†… Video: Adorable kindergarten mechanic provides internet with car maintenance …

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