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Doing Voice Over Work?

Congratulations! – You’re Doing Voice Over Work|You’re Now An Online Marketer!

Have you ever heard the axiom for businesses that don’t advertise that they are like someone who winks at you in a dark room. I’m sure that quote is credited to someone, and I should know who, but I don’t, –  regardless you get the point. It becomes like the proverbial tree in a forest and no one is around to hear you! Like it or not you will definitely need to come to terms with advertising your wares in some form or fashion. The least of which is having a website. And in addition to that having some workable understanding on how to hook all that plumbing together.

Confused? Want to Know Where to Start? Read More below

By Maxine Dunn
Voice Actor
So, you think you’re a voice over artist? Well, I have news for you. You’re also a MARKETER of your voice over services.
Yes, you’ll be doing a lot of voice over work. But if you want a thriving and long-lasting voice over business, you’ll need to become a savvy marketer, as well.
Marketing your services and promoting yourself – that is, “Getting the word out” that you’re available for work and building a client base – will be one of your primary functions as a VO.
Remember: consistent, organized, marketing of your voice over services will be KEY to your success!
You’re going to need a vehicle to get your demo in front of potential clients.
And that primary vehicle will be your professional voice over website. I recommend not even thinking about reaching out to prospective clients until you have a website up with your contact information and voice over demo(s) available to listen to.
TIP: Keep in mind that your demos should play instantly or load quickly, and have superior sound qualityA client will not want to wait for two minutes for a demo to load. And inferior sound quality will have them quickly clicking away.

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