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Google Plus Reboot

To Google + Or Not To Google Plus|That Is The Question?

Are you using Google +? I must admit that I am not. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t have a fantasy about being everywhere all the time but I simply haven’t crawled in there to even take a look yet! How many social platforms can one person expect to be on? – I know – “All Of Them!” Am I right? Yeah there are tools to manage these things – but still! When do you expect me to find time to read a book or watch re-runs of Clutch Cargo? How quaint…

Will Googles Revamp Of Google Plus Make It More Popular? Read And Decide…

google-plus2Just because we don’t want Google+ in every single service we use doesn’t mean the service didn’t have some promise. Now, it’s going to try to live up to that with a visual revamp that’s focusing on Collections and Communities.

While there have been plenty of missteps along the way, Google’s attempt at a social network still garnered a respectable following among some groups (including Lifehacker readers). However, some of its best features, like Communities and Collections felt sort of tacked on. The new interface, currently rolling out to the web with iOS and Android apps to follow, brings these key features to the forefront.

The Community feature is where sub-groups of like-minded people can gather to talk about their interests, while Collections allow users to create a folder of similar posts for easy browsing. You can spend all your time in a single Community or Collection, or browse around several. Most importantly, the design will be consistent across all platforms, so you won’t have to feel like you need a laptop to use Google+.

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Google+ Gets A Revamp, Now Focusing On Communities And Collections | Lifehacker Australia

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