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Does Anyone Remember Audio Tape?

iPhones, Androids, Tablets…It’s all so freakin’ cool! I was in a Band in a land far away and long ago and you know what? You had to shell out around $150.00 an hour to get any quality recording done. Heck if you wanted to be heard and you didn’t have a record deal (Yep I’m talking actual Vinyl), you had to book a venue and play “live”. Very blue collar – puttin’ in the time- way of doing things.

Recording Studio? BLAH!!

If there’s one old-school musical instrument company that ‘gets’ the way iOS has become an important platform for music-making, it’s Korg. Following on from a series of excellent iPad apps, including recreations of classic synths, and its brilliant Gadget music creation app, it’s brought a version of the great-sounding Module to the iPhone.

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