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How to get good audio while shooting video on your iPhone

Exactly! That’s What We Keep Saying! Great Video|Shabby Audio! This is the whole reason ReadyMic exists! We are doing our best hurry-up & re-launch our app. But what do you do until were ready to reload? Your options are pretty simple: Get Closer. Use Another Device Buy a Microphone. Once you’ve bought an outboard device to record […]

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Video Editor? In Search Of The Perfect Fit

Looking For A Video Editor? Let’s Call It Filmora I tried an earlier version of this video editor and didn’t have too much success although I’m pretty sure it was my laptop that was choking on the processing. I ended up buying a different video editor and still had pretty much the same issues. When I […]

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So Many Social-Media Broadcast Channels To Choose From!

How Do You Know Where To Put Your Eggs  -When You Have So many Baskets To Choose From? It’s pretty darn humbling when you realize that these big outfits, that is, big time sports broadcasters, are only now beginning to figure out how to use social media to their best advantage, and now, only now, […]

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Any Surprises For Android Developers?

What’s New In Android Studio 1.5? Well it appears to be mostly about bug fixes. Plus there’s a lot of humor that only a shop talk nerdy kind of guy could love. What you have to remember though, is no matter what, don’t look in the box. I wonder what’s in the box? Can someone […]

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Selfies As Old As Glass Plate Photography?

Where’s The Oldest Selfie? Somewhere someplace there had to be a first. Where do you suppose the oldest selfie is? There has to be someone who did it the first time. This is one from 1935 is not the first . There must be one that happened much earlier but maybe not? I wonder if the […]

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This office workstation lets you work lying down!

Okay This Is Just Way Cool – How Nice Would It Be to Have This Chair? Oh my God this chair looks awesome! Do I have the scratch to go out and buy one right now no I don’t but I will put this on my someday maybe list for sure. Right now I’m sitting […]

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Gift Ideas For Your iPhone Posse

Cyber Monday Is Coming 11/30! The gift giving season is upon us and Cyber Monday is only 1 week away. So you’re not into all that gift wrapping business? Yep – me either! Hint: Amazon gift wraps eh? So here’s an easy fix that can keep you in the good graces of your iPhone lovin’ […]

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The secret hackers trying to bring down ISIS

White Hat Hactivists to the Rescue. I have to admit to me this sounds like a Hollywood pilot for a TV show. I must say though, that it is very comforting to know that there are people who have skills well beyond my own that are willing to go out there and attack those that […]

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Where Do You Get Your Information First?

It All Happens on Mobile First. If your old school you’d probably be more likely to go flip on your desktop or your laptop when it comes to searching for new information online. However, it has become increasingly clear, that the next generation, and many of us out of habit have begun to use our […]

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IPhone Seven Completely Waterproof?

Finally! No Submarine Required! It appears there’s been a patent filed by the folks at Apple that has the future iPhone Seven able to eject water through the use of sound. I’ve never been terribly clumsy with my smart phones to be honest. I know that there’s a lot of people who have a tendency […]

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