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Do I Really Need A Smart Watch?

How Many Devices Does One Person Need? You ever get overwhelmed by all the devices you have including the ones on counter tops in kitchens or bathroom gizmos it’s really amazing the plethora of things that marketers send to us daily that we feel at some point we can’t live without. Will we feel the same […]

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YouTube Red – MTV for the Mobile Generation

YouTube Red Music Is a Good Start but Needs Some Adjustments to Be Competitive It would seem the YouTube Red app which is the incarnation of MTV on your iPhone or android phone has a little more work that needs to be done. Currently the best features are only in the paid mode. It does seem […]

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Skype Adds New Features To Android App

Latest Version of Skype App for Android Allows You to Save Video Looking for new features for your Skype app android allows you to save video making it a lot easier to keep track of what it is you’ve done in the past. With this update in the new Version 6.11, Skype gives you a […]

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Google Plus Reboot

To Google + Or Not To Google Plus|That Is The Question? Are you using Google +? I must admit that I am not. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t have a fantasy about being everywhere all the time but I simply haven’t crawled in there to even take a look yet! How […]

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Our Compulsion To Be Productive

How Much Can One Person Do? I’m always convinced that I can some how perform some sort of productivity alchemy that will allow me to arrive at perfect life balance. Is this a myth perpetrated unwittingly by a sloth of faceless guru’s and other mass media messages from which we cannot escape? Does it not […]

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Nexus 5X FULL Review-A real successor to the one true Nexus

Now, two years later, Google and LG are giving Nexus 5 fans the Nexus 5X, spiritual successor and showcase for Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a budget.

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Dad Films Dream Vegas Vacation On Son’s GoPro, But In Selfie Mode

This Unplanned Comedic Outcome Is A Gift For You-You’re Welcome Awe geeze… does anyone know what a selfie is? Isn’t it a shame when the old folks get in a pickle when it comes to technology? Unless of course it happens to be funny! In which case I say,”Throw’em under the bus!” I can say […]

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Speed Up Int’l Travel With A Selfie?

Selfie Express Lane Only…Who Knew? Is this a good Idea or what? Now you can do something truly practical with a selfie. I’m not sayin’ using a lens filter on yourself to look like a zombie or filtering your face to look like a supermodel don’t have real world benefit; no I am sayin’ that…ya know…I’m […]

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Selfies On A Whole New Level!

I Know!…Why Didn’t I Think Of This? At first I thought…Really enough already! But then when I saw all the functionally of this mirror I began to rethink my initial cynical reaction. I’m not sure if I buy into the control hub concept because you’ll need to be wherever the mirror is staged. That means if […]

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Your Phone My Be The Best Camera You’ve Ever Owned!

Want Some Great Apps To Tweak-out Your On Board Camera? Did You ever see that info-graphic that shows all the stand alone items the iPhone has replaced? (Editor Note: Android users no disrespect so don’t be hatin’ on me! If there’s an Android version…it’s all good). The camera is no exception and because it’s just […]

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