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Selfies On A Whole New Level!

I Know!…Why Didn’t I Think Of This?

At first I thought…Really enough already! But then when I saw all the functionally of this mirror I began to rethink my initial cynical reaction. I’m not sure if I buy into the control hub concept because you’ll need to be wherever the mirror is staged. That means if you’re a typically busy work-a-day person you’ll need to place it wherever you are most often located physically in the house. Remote control is a lot more practical via smartphone or perhaps you can tether to the mirror – not sure. The biggest benefit I can see is the use as a broadcast tool for the likes of Vloggers because you can see how you are framed and lit without a fuss.

It’s Cool Tho!…Check It Out

Selfie sticks can be awkward to use, and have even been banned in some areas. For those who feel the need to post and share their face with the world, there’s a new product in development. Smart Ltd. announced its plans to take its prototype Selfie Mirror to the open crowdfunding market in an effort to release what it is proclaiming to be the world’s first smart mirror; one designed specifically with hands-free selfies in mind.

“Our homes are comfort zones, where we play, relax, listen to music, and hang out with family and friends,” explains a voice in Selfie Mirror’s promotional video. “What if all that could be enhanced with technology — a modern smarthome in which an ordinary mirror becomes a portal to smart tech, home security and professionally lit photography?” With Selfie Mirror, both pictures and video can be uploaded. Built in sound means you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts.

The mirror is available to pre-order at for $250, and measures 700-1,200mm. The company describes it a perfect for a design mirror and full-body portraits. A smaller version (700-800mm) retailing for $200 can be placed on a dressing table or in a dressing room, and is designed for face portraits. No firm release date for the product has been set.

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