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So Many Social-Media Broadcast Channels To Choose From!

How Do You Know Where To Put Your Eggs  -When You Have So many Baskets To Choose From?

It’s pretty darn humbling when you realize that these big outfits, that is, big time sports broadcasters, are only now beginning to figure out how to use social media to their best advantage, and now, only now, trying to understand where they should place their resources and what channels they should use to get the most bang out of their sports broadcast. It’s the wild West out there folks! And quite frankly, that’s what makes it so exciting!

See How the Sports Video Group Tries to Make Sense of It All Read More below… makes digital content distribution so challenging is the staggering number of avenues that a piece of content needs to be sent along to reach a fan. Long gone are the days of building a single piece of content, running it on a network, and hoping fans watch.

Now, with media consumption patterns so fragmented, teams, leagues, and networks need a strategy behind television, the Web, mobile, and a flurry of various social-media channels. It’s well documented that what works for Instagram might not work for Facebook. A great SnapChat “Story” is not necessarily told the same way as a Twitter “Moment.”

Key digital execs from the NBA, MLS, and Fox Sports shared their thoughts for how they cut through the digital marshlands at last month’s Hashtag SportsFest. Here are five takeways from their conversation on how they get the most out of their video via social.

1. Real-time Highlights Are a Winner With each new technological development through history, there’s been concerns that capitalizing on that progress could dramatically impact a company’s core business. There was even a day where there was a concern that broadcasting games on the radio would decimate stadium attendance.

Social-media platforms have brought forth an even greater level of disruption. However, the NBA has decided to fully embrace its young, tech-savvy fan base by publishing real-time highlights to channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat.

2. Tent-pole Events Are Prime Time For teams, leagues, and networks, there is no greater time to make big content pushes than around major marquee events (opening days, All-Star Games, championships) throughout the calendar.

On the final day of the regular season, MLS sent Twitter “Mirrors” to all 20 of its clubs to generate social content around “Decision Day.”

3. Personalities Build Communities One universal truth across the digital world is that personalities drive engagement. Be them major national broadcast personalities or YouTube stars, communities of fans exist all around the digital universe.

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