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The Live Streaming Revolution Is Here…Are You Ready?

Live Streaming Easier than Ever|Mobile is Pervasive as Connectivity Advances We have been here before. This reminds me of when Napster came into being. Live streaming has allowed everyday individuals the ability to broadcast content in real time regardless of where they find it. For many of the large broadcast giants- just like the big […]

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E-Learning|Embrace The Future

With A Smart Phone E-Learning Can Bridge Your Know-How To The World! Have you stopped to realize what a powerful tool you have in the palm of your hand? Your smart phone is a portal to the rest of the planet and can be simply and quickly used to share your message to the entire world. […]

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How to get good audio while shooting video on your iPhone

Exactly! That’s What We Keep Saying! Great Video|Shabby Audio! This is the whole reason ReadyMic exists! We are doing our best hurry-up & re-launch our app. But what do you do until were ready to reload? Your options are pretty simple: Get Closer. Use Another Device Buy a Microphone. Once you’ve bought an outboard device to record […]

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Video Editor? In Search Of The Perfect Fit

Looking For A Video Editor? Let’s Call It Filmora I tried an earlier version of this video editor and didn’t have too much success although I’m pretty sure it was my laptop that was choking on the processing. I ended up buying a different video editor and still had pretty much the same issues. When I […]

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Do I Really Need A Smart Watch?

How Many Devices Does One Person Need? You ever get overwhelmed by all the devices you have including the ones on counter tops in kitchens or bathroom gizmos it’s really amazing the plethora of things that marketers send to us daily that we feel at some point we can’t live without. Will we feel the same […]

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Does Anyone Remember Audio Tape? iPhones, Androids, Tablets…It’s all so freakin’ cool! I was in a Band in a land far away and long ago and you know what? You had to shell out around $150.00 an hour to get any quality recording done. Heck if you wanted to be heard and you didn’t have […]

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Too Soon To Be Thinking About iPhone 7?

Too Soon To Be Thinking About iPhone 7?

No Bezel And More? Think of a new iPhone screen not unlike an infinity pool that gives the illusion of an edge-less view without a border to the air around it. This concept video for from DeepMind explores those possibilities and more… See More In The Video Below Even though the iPhone 6s is the […]

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