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The Live Streaming Revolution Is Here…Are You Ready?

Live Streaming Easier than Ever|Mobile is Pervasive as Connectivity Advances We have been here before. This reminds me of when Napster came into being. Live streaming has allowed everyday individuals the ability to broadcast content in real time regardless of where they find it. For many of the large broadcast giants- just like the big […]

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E-Learning|Embrace The Future

With A Smart Phone E-Learning Can Bridge Your Know-How To The World! Have you stopped to realize what a powerful tool you have in the palm of your hand? Your smart phone is a portal to the rest of the planet and can be simply and quickly used to share your message to the entire world. […]

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Where Do You Get Your Information First?

It All Happens on Mobile First. If your old school you’d probably be more likely to go flip on your desktop or your laptop when it comes to searching for new information online. However, it has become increasingly clear, that the next generation, and many of us out of habit have begun to use our […]

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Do I Really Need A Smart Watch?

How Many Devices Does One Person Need? You ever get overwhelmed by all the devices you have including the ones on counter tops in kitchens or bathroom gizmos it’s really amazing the plethora of things that marketers send to us daily that we feel at some point we can’t live without. Will we feel the same […]

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YouTube Red – MTV for the Mobile Generation

YouTube Red Music Is a Good Start but Needs Some Adjustments to Be Competitive It would seem the YouTube Red app which is the incarnation of MTV on your iPhone or android phone has a little more work that needs to be done. Currently the best features are only in the paid mode. It does seem […]

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Your Phone My Be The Best Camera You’ve Ever Owned!

Want Some Great Apps To Tweak-out Your On Board Camera? Did You ever see that info-graphic that shows all the stand alone items the iPhone has replaced? (Editor Note: Android users no disrespect so don’t be hatin’ on me! If there’s an Android version…it’s all good). The camera is no exception and because it’s just […]

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Do Your Smartphone Apps Make You Money?

You’ve Got A Smartphone!|Be A Smart Person! Hey why not get a little cash for all that time you spend on that phone of yours? Think about. How much time do you spend on that gizmo anyway? I’ll bet it’s plenty! What if you could turn some of that down time into a payday instead […]

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