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E-learning Days|Bye Bye Snow Days?

E-learning Days Are a Growing National Trend|No More Playing In The Snow? Anyone who lives or grew up in the snow belt of the United States knows the thrilling feeling of waking up on a winter morning on a school day and seeing a blanket of snow quietly muffling your entire neighborhood. Quickly you rush […]

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E-Learning|Embrace The Future

With A Smart Phone E-Learning Can Bridge Your Know-How To The World! Have you stopped to realize what a powerful tool you have in the palm of your hand? Your smart phone is a portal to the rest of the planet and can be simply and quickly used to share your message to the entire world. […]

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So Many Social-Media Broadcast Channels To Choose From!

How Do You Know Where To Put Your Eggs  -When You Have So many Baskets To Choose From? It’s pretty darn humbling when you realize that these big outfits, that is, big time sports broadcasters, are only now beginning to figure out how to use social media to their best advantage, and now, only now, […]

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This office workstation lets you work lying down!

Okay This Is Just Way Cool – How Nice Would It Be to Have This Chair? Oh my God this chair looks awesome! Do I have the scratch to go out and buy one right now no I don’t but I will put this on my someday maybe list for sure. Right now I’m sitting […]

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Do I Really Need A Smart Watch?

How Many Devices Does One Person Need? You ever get overwhelmed by all the devices you have including the ones on counter tops in kitchens or bathroom gizmos it’s really amazing the plethora of things that marketers send to us daily that we feel at some point we can’t live without. Will we feel the same […]

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Our Compulsion To Be Productive

How Much Can One Person Do? I’m always convinced that I can some how perform some sort of productivity alchemy that will allow me to arrive at perfect life balance. Is this a myth perpetrated unwittingly by a sloth of faceless guru’s and other mass media messages from which we cannot escape? Does it not […]

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Too Soon To Be Thinking About iPhone 7?

Too Soon To Be Thinking About iPhone 7?

No Bezel And More? Think of a new iPhone screen not unlike an infinity pool that gives the illusion of an edge-less view without a border to the air around it. This concept video for from DeepMind explores those possibilities and more… See More In The Video Below Even though the iPhone 6s is the […]

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