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The secret hackers trying to bring down ISIS

White Hat Hactivists to the Rescue.

I have to admit to me this sounds like a Hollywood pilot for a TV show. I must say though, that it is very comforting to know that there are people who have skills well beyond my own that are willing to go out there and attack those that would attack us. This really is a great human interest story and although I will never know or meet these people I am proud to know they are out there fighting the good fight on behalf of civilization at large. It humbles me to know that there are people who have the skills to do these sort of things and I have trouble uploading a photograph on Facebook. Humbling indeed.

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Secret Hackers

It may have gone undetected if it weren’t for a rogue hacker group called Ghost Security Group.

The group, which is made up of counterintelligence officials and computer specialists, had been monitoring the Twitter account for a month. While the under-the-radar account only had a handful of followers, many of them were high-profile ISIS members.

The hacktivist group immediately looked for intelligence contractors who could relay the info to the authorities. They found terrorist analyst Michael S. Smith II through Twitter. Smith, who works at defense consulting firm Kronos Advisory, serves as a counterterrorism adviser to members of Congress and was responsive to Ghost Security. He became the group’s conduit to authorities.

According to Smith, investigators used Ghost Security’s info to identify a target site, who they were targeting, and how they would execute the attack. The investigation ended with the arrest of more than a dozen terror suspects, Smith said.

“Without a doubt, this group has saved lives. At least into the dozens,” Smith told CNNMoney. “There are people working in the national security community in the United States, Europe, the Middle East … who will never be credited with that.”

FBI Director James Comey has repeatedly said that ISIS’ use of social media is unprecedented in terms of how aggressively it engages with people in the West. Its members are essentially overwhelming the system, Smith said, which means there’s room for outside support from groups like Global Security.


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