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This office workstation lets you work lying down!

Okay This Is Just Way Cool – How Nice Would It Be to Have This Chair?

Oh my God this chair looks awesome! Do I have the scratch to go out and buy one right now no I don’t but I will put this on my someday maybe list for sure. Right now I’m sitting on a hard office chair and it’s making me squirm. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to just tilt back and take all that pressure off your lower back. I wonder if you’d feel like the dentist was gonna walk in any second? It does kind of remind me of a dentist chair don’t you think?

Would This Chair Make You More Productive or Just Make You Take a Snooze? at a desk for hours on end has been linked with posture problems, a shorter life expectancy, obesity and several types of cancer.

Increasing scrutiny of our sedentary lifestyles has led to an increasing trend for alternative chairs, standing desks, and even treadmill desks.

But one company has gone much further, by inventing a workstation that lets owners work horizontally.

The Altwork Station, a fully-reclining chair, desk and screen combination has been made available for pre-order at a princely $3,900 (£2,550), ahead of an expected full price of $5,900 (£3,850).

“It allows you to work any way you want and the computers seamlessly moves with you” Altwork

The station has a built in curved monitor, but has a magnetic desk that allows peripherals to remain attached even when it is vertical.

The backlash against sitting down for hours on end has led to standing desks popping up in offices around the world, although a recent study suggested that this is no better for you than sitting.

Altwork says that though studies are unclear, most experts agree that sitting for extended periods is not healthy, and that workers should change position throughout the day.

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