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Video Editor? In Search Of The Perfect Fit

Looking For A Video Editor? Let’s Call It Filmora

I tried an earlier version of this video editor and didn’t have too much success although I’m pretty sure it was my laptop that was choking on the processing. I ended up buying a different video editor and still had pretty much the same issues. When I bought Filmora it was called Wondershare and I have to admit that the support at Wondershare was pretty phenomenal. They responded very quickly to my queries as I was having some difficulty and offered to upgrade to a different product to keep me as a satisfied customer. In so far as I was a casual user of video editing software I thought for the price these guys were offering a pretty good product.

Learn about the newest offer called Filmora formerly known as Wondershare read more below.

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Filmora|Enough Heft For Results-Light Enough For Begginners

iMovie has never been everyone’s cup of tea, but when Apple unveiled a completely overhauled user interface for the consumer Mac video editing software in mid 2007, many novices went scrambling in search of other options for turning home videos, photos, and music into share-worthy entertainment for friends and loved ones.

Nearly a decade later, developers are still courting alienated iMovie customers with all-in-one software packages that attempt to match or possibly exceed Cupertino’s original vision. One such application comes courtesy of Wondershare, a Chinese company whose wide-ranging catalog of creative software frequently attempts to fill gaps left in the wake of Apple’s iLife suite, often with mixed results.

Filmora Video Editor is a versatile replacement for classic iMovie, but it lacks the polish of Apple software.

Filmora Video Editor (formerly Wondershare Video Editor) is best described as a spiritual successor to the classic iMovie of the past, right down to the bright user interface and dual editing modes. For the most part, it’s as intuitive and easy to use as early versions of iMovie, even if it fails to live up to Apple’s skill at producing more refined software.

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