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Where Do You Get Your Information First?

It All Happens on Mobile First.

If your old school you’d probably be more likely to go flip on your desktop or your laptop when it comes to searching for new information online. However, it has become increasingly clear, that the next generation, and many of us out of habit have begun to use our mobile devices as our first go to whenever we need to find information online. If you stop to think about it, this only makes sense. If you have it in your hand and you need information instantly this is the device you are going to use. If you have an online business or you market products or services online, where should you be putting your focus?

How Does Your Audience Receive Your Message? What Devices Do They Use? Learn More below week, I had the luxury of sitting in on a panel hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation titled, “Millennials Unplugged: What Are We Learning From Millennials?” The panel was moderated by my colleague, Bob Pearson, and featured panelists Natalie Malaszenko, SVP of Marketing at, and Maureen Craig, founder of MoStrategy. The focus, as you can imagine, was on what we can (and should) learn from what is now the largest demographic in the United States: the Millennials.

The panel was not only informative, but reminded me of an ongoing blog series that Pearson works on with his daughter, Brittany, titled, “Millennials Unplugged.” The series focuses on Pearson and Brittany (along with other guest W2O Group employee contributors) picking topics relevant to companies, like culture and social media, and then providing a “Millennial” viewpoint.

In my mind, this is something that can’t be discussed enough, as I still believe that most companies are inclined to hang onto the common stereotypes about this often-maligned generation.

In my July article titled, “What Does it Mean to be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?,” I explored the importance of digging deeper into the Millennial psyche to truly understand this demographic’s mindset. The article also touched on the importance of taking time to digest the formative events that have shaped this misunderstood generation.

The point of this exploration was to help marketers better understand why mobile devices play such a critical role in how Millennials engage with brands, as well as each other. While mobile isn’t the only way they interact, it’s becoming the primary channel for more and more consumers.

And more telling, it derives 78 percent of its revenue from mobile ads. This is up from 66 percent in the third quarter of 2014. And remember, those numbers include Instagram users — one-third of whom are Millennials.

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