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Worlds Smartest Video Camera?

Why Don’t We Just Call It the Handiest Video Camera?

Okay let’s say for instance you simply have no time whatsoever to spend one single moment editing video, but you’d still like to put out something that looks good?  And say you also want a result that looks like someone put some production time into it? Also let’s suppose the only piece of equipment you have on hand is an iPhone?

Well here you go… thanks to the magic of modern cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology the Magisto magical video editor for iPhone has come to the rescue. This is push-button editing at its tiniest and it’s gotta be at its fastest too. Will it guarantee you’ll get the result you want every-time?  Perhaps not, but on the other hand, how much effort have you really put into the outcome? It’s easy-peesy- that’s the name of the game with this app from Magisto.

Get the Lowdown on How This App Turns Your IPhone into a Video Camera and Editor in One Fell Swoop

Magisto turns your iPhone to the world’s smartest video camera. You shoot plain video, but receive beautifully edited and produced movies, minutes after they were shot! It is really magical video editing in a click! Magisto utilizes unprecedented AI to understand your video and select the best parts in them, as well as beautifying your videos by stabilizing them and adding cool filters, effects and transitions that interact with what’s happening in your video.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor for iPhone – YouTube



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