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Yeti Whiteout Microphone and PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset

This Yeti Whiteout Microphone Is Cool!

I think I want one! This thing is awesome. The fact that you don’t need any outboard drivers is pretty cool. This seems to be an all-in-one solution to get your voice streamed out to the world or to record your voice over sales videos and screenshot/screen cast recordings. I don’t think white is very gangster, and  I would prefer black myself, but I wouldn’t allow a fashion statement to get in the way of great functionality. It has latency free audio monitoring so you can hear your voice and dial in what’s really happening – also very handy.

It Seems Yeti Has Thought of Everything Read More below…

Yeti Whiteout Mic
Yeti Whiteout Mic

This week, the Whiteout Yeti offers a new microphone for YouTubers and streamers, while PlayStation has a premium headset for PS4 players

Blue Microphones’ peripheral includes a number of built-in features suitable for those looking to record commentary over gameplay.

These include direct controls for microphone gain, allowing users to adjust the mic’s sensitivity so that additional room noise is eliminated.

An integrated headphone jack and volume control also make the product useful for podcasters, so that they can monitor their voice without any latency to ensure a good recording.

Plus, an instant mute button can be used to avoid noises from sneezing or coughing.

The Whiteout Yeti is built with premium condenser capsules, and boasts four different pattern settings for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts and streaming games.

The Yeti works with both PC and Mac without the need for drivers. It can be plugged directly into a PS4, or combined with a game capture device from Hauppauge or Elgato for use on Xbox One.

Accessories Update: Yeti Whiteout Microphone and PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset | Games industry news | MCV

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