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Your Phone My Be The Best Camera You’ve Ever Owned!

Want Some Great Apps To Tweak-out Your On Board Camera?

Did You ever see that info-graphic that shows all the stand alone items the iPhone has replaced? (Editor Note: Android users no disrespect so don’t be hatin’ on me! If there’s an Android version…it’s all good). The camera is no exception and because it’s just as easy to shoot a photo as it is to do anything else on your smartphone why not consider upping your game with a few more arrows in your quiver. There’s plenty to choose from but just to narrow things down a bit we gotcha some 411 from FStoppers to save you some time on research.

FStoppers Shares Their Top 5 Photography Apps See Below…

There are thousands of apps out there to expand your mobile photography capabilities, but what about apps that augment your abilities when you’re holding a DSLR? Here are five of my favorite apps to enhance your productivity. pollution is the bane of every night sky photographer’s work. Although light pollution generally correlates with metropolitan areas, finding truly dark locations can be tough sometimes. Dark Sky Finder is just the app for that, overlaying the relative light pollution levels on top of standard Google maps (you can choose street, satellite, or hybrid maps). It’s a one-trick pony, but it does that trick well. It also shows designated dark sites, giving the address, accessibility, and general notes on the site, as well as other helpful information, such as entrance fees, parking, etc.

Smartphones are great for mobile photography, but they’re also great for photography. Seeing as many of us have one on our person most of the time, there’s no reason not to embrace the extra capabilities that can make your working life just a bit easier. Do you have any favorite apps that you use for your work? Share them in the comments!

Read About The Top 5 Here’s More At…

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