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YouTube Red – MTV for the Mobile Generation

YouTube Red Music Is a Good Start but Needs Some Adjustments to Be Competitive

It would seem the YouTube Red app which is the incarnation of MTV on your iPhone or android phone has a little more work that needs to be done. Currently the best features are only in the paid mode. It does seem to be a wee bit clumsy from what I’ve read in the review below. The best way to get what you want out of the app would be to buy-in which will put you in a deficit of $10 a month for android users and $13 for iPhone users. YouTube is offering a 14 day free trial but unless you buy-in you will be looking at an advertising platform in the free version. It seems to be a little confusing as to what you can and cannot do so I would expect improvements to come soon.

Learn about the Latest Offering from YouTube Red… Read below LOS ANGELES — If you were going to reinvent MTV for a mobile generation, you’d probably come up with something like YouTube Music. It’s a video-first music service in the U.S. that also plays in the background like you’d expect a music app to do. That sets it apart from other music apps out there, many of which give you a choice of videos or songs, but not interchangeably.

But while YouTube Music offers a lot of interesting features, most of them require a subscription to the new YouTube Red service, which will set you back $10 a month — $13 if you sign up through YouTube’s iPhone app. (Note: YouTube Music is not available in Canada). Without Red, YouTube Music will play ads similar to what you see on YouTube proper, and several other functions won’t work at all. YouTube is offering new users a 14-day free trial to Red, but to continue commercial free, you’ll need to pony up.

YouTube Music is first and foremost a music-video app, albeit one that doesn’t forget that most people will be using it on their phones. For those times you’d rather just listen instead of watching, you can hit a toggle that switches the app to audio-only mode, which turns off the video playback and swaps in a still image. You can even turn off the screen and keep listening while you do something else.

But here’s the first gotcha: Audio-only mode only works for paid subscribers. I also found the audio-only toggle worked far better on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 than on an iPhone 5, where it introduced a jarring pause.

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